Ancient Roman Coin set in Bronze Cross.

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Ancient Roman Coin set in Bronze Cross.
Ancient Roman Coin set in Bronze Cross.

Ancient Roman Bronze Coin set in Bronze Cross I made.

 This bronze coin was hand struck under the authority of Constantine the 1st who is also known as Constantine the Great who reigned the Roman Empire from 306 - 337 A.D.

 Constantine 1st is recognized as the first Roman Emperor allowing Christians to worship whoever they wished and not to be persecuted for their worship and faith.

Constantine IConstantine the Great,    Latin in full Flavius Valerius Constantinus, (born February 27, after 280 CE?, died May 22, 337, 

The first Roman emperor to profess Christianity. He not only initiated the evolution of the empire into a Christian state but also provided the impulse for a distinctively Christian culture that prepared the way for the growth of Byzantine and Western medieval culture

 This handmade bronze cross measures 58 mm from bottom of cross to top of bale, it is 38 mm wide and is 4 mm thick.

The ancient bronze coin is 12 mm across and appx. 1.5 mm thick, and shows a portrait of Constantine facing to the right.

Please e-mail if you would like more information or have questions regarding this beautiful cross necklace.  Woven cord is included.

 I personally hand craft all of our Sterling Silver and Bronze Jewelry and findings as well as our created and manufactured line of Old World Bronze components and jewelry here in our family shop in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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The Ancient Roman Coin set in Bronze Cross. is the yin, to your yang. You've found what you're looking for.

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